CNA Test

CNA test is the most preliminary step in starting your career as a certified nursing assistant. There is no universal pattern or mode of conducting such tests. Format and process of the tests may vary depending upon the criteria and laws prevalent in that particular area. The tests are conducted under expert guidance and the process of selection is quite stringent. You must check the eligibility conditions and job profile before applying for such tests.

Need for CNA test

Certified nursing assistant is a regular certified professional and has a recognition by law. Main job of the assistant is to help licensed nurses and doctors in carrying out their tasks. Scope of duties of the assistant increase with experience and she may also be required to carry out a few tasks independently. Thus, checking her mental and physical abilities to make up a career as a CNA is necessary.

CNA Test

Pattern of CNA test

You must keep your self clean and well-dressed during the process. Give special attention to cutting finger-nails, trimming and tying hair properly, wearing apron wherever necessary, and maintaining polite and encouraging tone while interacting with a patient. You must brush up the basic skills like handling a patient who is severely injured or paralyzed, moving a patient from a bed to wheelchair and vice-versa, giving him necessary instructions and replying to his queries, and explaining him what you are doing.

Maintaining cleanliness in the ward is another important responsibility of a CNA and you will be testes thoroughly in this regards. Skills like changing bed linens while the patient is on bed, giving bedpan, and disposal of medical or other wastes in an appropriate manner are also observed during the test. You should also know how to monitor heart-beat rate, blood pressure, sugar levels, or pulse rate of a patient and record vital signs or symptoms.

Though passing the test looks difficult and time-consuming, there are several ways in which you can learn the necessary skills. If you opt for nursing assistant course from a reputed institute, you will be trained thoroughly for most of the skills. Working as an intern under a senior licensed nurse can help you to grasp things fast with hands-on practical experience.

Various on-line CNA practice tests are available to prepare you well for the exams. You can also go for distance or class-room coaching and refer to the study material published by leading publications. Make sure that you refer to standard material or you may suffer severely during the exams. Apart from focusing on exam-related preparation, you should also focus on personality development and communication skills. They have a good potential to impress the selectors to qualify you as a certified assistant.

While preparing for the CNA test, make sure you know basic medical procedures and are thorough with the latest products or medicines available in the market. You are not expected to know each and every thing but being aware about a few important products or medical drugs can give you a definite edge over others. You can refer to other pages on our website to know more about the profession and plan an effective strategy to bag your dream career.

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